Refining InCites Benchmarking & Analytics with verified VIVO data

2019-09-16T20:01:40Z (GMT) by Benjamin Gross

Many VIVO users want to analyze the performance of their research activities, but VIVO does not have built-in bibliometric reporting. For institutions who want to run these types of reports, we propose a workflow of pushing VIVO profile data into InCites Benchmarking & Analytics. InCites is a research benchmarking and analytics tool built upon trusted Web of Science publication and citation data. It enables comprehensive analysis of your organization’s research publication performance.

My Organization is a new module of InCites used to analyze the Web of Science bibliometric data in the context of an institution’s verified, disambiguated researchers and departments.

InCites with My Organization delivers standardized researcher, team, and departmental reporting to increase relevance of bibliometric data for all users. My Organization can take advantage of the data that an institution has already populated in VIVO, thus saving time and ensuring consistent reporting. We developed and deposited open-source Python code for this integration on GitHub at