Recording of 19,000 neurons across mouse visual cortex during sparse noise stimuli

This repository contains the activity of 18,975 neurons across visual cortex during the presentation of sparse noise visual stimuli.

The deconvolved data is in the "spks.npy". "F.npy", "Fneu.npy", "stat.npy" and "ops.npy" are documented on the suite2p page:

The frames of the sparse noise stimuli are in "mov.npy". The frame times are in "iframe.npy".

The behavioral data (already aligned to the neural frames) is in "cam1_TX39_2019_05_31_1_proc_resampled.npy". A subsampled subset of frames is in "cam1_TX39_20hz.avi".

For an example of how to load the data, align it to the image stimuli, compute receptive fields and predict from behavior, see this notebook: