Recombinant FliC and truncated FliC expressed from plasmid pORI induce TNF-α in a TLR5-dependent manner.

<p>TNF-α ELISA of cell culture supernatants collected from TLR5-positive RAW424 (Blue) or its parental TLR5-negative RAW264.7 (Red) mouse macrophage cells. <b>(A)</b> RAW cells were treated with increasing concentrations of recombinant FliC. <b>(B)</b> Telomerized rhesus fibroblast cells were transiently transfected with plasmids containing full-length FliC (pORI<i>fliC</i>) or partially truncated FliCs (pORI<i>fliC</i>Δ196–378 or pORI<i>fliC</i>Δ141–398) and freeze thaw lysates were generated. Cell culture supernatants harvested from RAW cells treated with these lysates were assayed by an ELISA that measures TNF-α production. An average of two independent experiments and means with standard deviation are presented.</p>