Reactivity of Stable Heteroleptic Silylene PhC(NtBu)2SiNPh2 toward Diazobenzene and N‑Benzylidineaniline

The reaction of heteroleptic silylene LSiNPh2 [L = PhC­(NtBu)2] with diazobenzene afforded product 6. This involves one o-C–H bond activation at one of the phenyl groups of diazobenzene and migration of this hydrogen atom from the phenyl ring to one of the nitrogen atoms, which leads to the formation of the new C–Si and N–Si bonds. The reaction of benzylidineaniline with LSiNPh2 results in the oxidative addition of the three-membered silaaziridine derivative 7. Compounds 6 and 7 were fully characterized by elemental analysis, multinuclear NMR spectroscopy, and EI-MS spectrometry. The molecular structures of compounds 6 and 7 were established unequivocally by single-crystal X-ray structural analysis.