Raw diffraction images of Chrimson

<p>Chrimson is a red-shifted channelrhodopsin from the algae <em>Chlamydomonas noctigama</em>. The crystals were obtained within the lipidic cubic phase (LCP).<br> <br> 45 small-wedge (10 or 20°/crystal) and 8 helical (50-100°/crystal) datasets collected from loop-harvested microcrystals using EIGER X 9M detector at a wavelength of 1 Å on BL32XU, SPring-8. The crystals belonged to space group P2<sub>1</sub>2<sub>1</sub>2<sub>1</sub> with unit cell parameters a=61.0, b=81.4, c=170.1 Å. 13 datasets were merged at 2.6 Å resolution in the published result (Nature Comm., 2018; PDB code: 5ZIH) using KAMO; see processing note <a href="https://github.com/keitaroyam/yamtbx/wiki/Processing-Chrimson-data-(5ZIH)">https://github.com/keitaroyam/yamtbx/wiki/Processing-Chrimson-data-(5ZIH)</a></p>