Raw data for Kalathur et al., 2015 ‘The unfolded protein response and its potential role in Huntington ́s disease elucidated by a systems biology approach’

<p>Data file 1. Legend: List of upregulated genes</p> <p>Data file 2. List of downregulated genes</p> <p>Data file 3. List of upregulated UPR genes with stress response elements in the promoter regions (-1000bp to +500bp)</p> <p>Data file 4. List of all the biological processes that are enriched in differentially regulated UPR genes</p> <p>Data file 5. List of all the pathways that are enriched among upregulated UPR genes</p> <p>Data file 6. List of components of UPR interactome shown in Figure 6</p> <p>Data file 7. List of genes common between UPR and Apoptosis</p>