Raw data - Respiratory events in patients undergoing laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery

<p>Column Z-AD: continuous data recording, time calculated for each desaturaton<br> Column AE-AL: overnight monitoring recorded every 5 minutes datapoints, datapoints counted and analyzed (first patients) data collected both ways in 22 patients, found good correlation and decided to use both data sets<br> Column W: hydromorphone plus hydromorphone equivalent<br> Column X: sum column (M+P+W+O/7+Q/7)<br> of note: some PCA dilaudid doses were given in PACU and then Column X was accordingly adjusted<br><br> PACU: Postanesthesia Care Unit<br> dilaudid: hydromorphone<br> OSA: obstructive sleep apne<br> CPAP: continuous positive airway pressure<br> BMI: body-mass-index<br> SOB: shortness of breath<br> HTN: Hypertension<br> No: number<br> Q5MIN: every 5 minutes<br> % missing: missing time as percent of total monitoring time<br> % of time < 90%: oxygen saturation below 90% as percent of total monitoring time <br> % of time % Desaturations: column AK / AI in percent<br><br> For a respiratory event, specific notes were made that are not included in the table but can be found in the article</p>