Rational Approach to Endo/Exocoordinated Heteronuclear Macrocyclic Network: Supramolecular Hg(ll), Cu(ll), and Hg(ll)/Cu(ll) Complexes of a NS<sub>4</sub> Macrocycle

2011-06-20T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Eunji Lee Shim Sung Lee
A rationally designed sulfur-rich macrocycle <b>L</b> incorporating one pyridine and one benzo subunit was synthesized and structurally characterized. From the assembly reactions of <b>L</b> with copper(II) nitrate and mercury(II) iodide, an endocyclic monocopper(II) complex and an exocyclic dimercury(II) complex were prepared, respectively. On the basis of these results, the construction of a Hg(II)/Cu(II) heteronuclear 1D network complex with an endo/exocyclic coordination mode was achieved by one-pot assembly reaction of <b>L</b> with mercury(II) iodide in the presence of copper(II) nitrate.