Rapid Preparation of (BiO)2CO3 Nanosheets by Microwave-Assisted Hydrothermal Method with Promising Photocatalytic Activity Under UV-Vis Light

Crystalline (BiO)2CO3 nanosheets were synthesized by a rapid one-step reaction via microwave-assisted hydrothermal method using urea as a morphology mediator and carbon source. The hydrothermal method combined with microwave heating allowed to obtain sheet-like (BiO)2CO3 particles at shorter reaction times when compared to the conventional heating hydrothermal method. The photocatalytic activity of the as prepared samples was evaluated towards degradation of Ponceau 4R (C.I. 16255) under artificial UV-Vis light irradiation. The results show that good photocatalytic efficiency can be obtained for powders prepared with reaction times as low as 2 minutes.