Random-walk Diffusion Simulation

2012-09-27T19:17:33Z (GMT) by Paul Higgins
<p>This is a supplementary movie submitted with the thesis of Paul A. Higgins (2012). It will also be published with a forthcoming paper (Higgins et al., 2012).</p> <p>A simulation of magnetic "particles" diffusing across the solar photosphere, under the influence of the velocity field due to emerging supergranules. The parameters (Set 1) are, r_mu = 30/2 Mm, time step = 2 days. The left panel shows the current particle positions with their tracks in black. The right panel shows 1D spatial distributions of the particles using their absolute distance along the X-axis from the origin (gray) and radius from the origin (black). The blue line indicates the half-width-at-half-max of the 1D gaussian fit to the gray curve. The red line indicates the average squared radius of particles from the origin.</p>