RTD2015 34 col·lec·tion

2019-04-11T08:00:09Z (GMT) by RTD Conference Ruby Hoette

col·lec·tion is a visual research project exploring the notion of the ‘collection’ in order to critically reflect on the construction of meaning and value in the current fashion system. It employs methods of dissection and collage as tools with which to actively engage with the fluid and dynamic relationships that constitute fashion and the shifting role of the fashion designer. Unpicking the garments along original seam-lines functions as a metaphor for the unravelling of the mechanisms that constitute pervasive fashion practices and production processes. The resulting loose material elements can then be rearranged into new formations or mappings and in turn, translated into proposals for alternative ways of engaging with fashion. The project draws inspiration from personal wardrobes, within which various styles, brands and materials are brought together in each personal collection. It attempts to activate the tacit knowledge embedded in the practice of curating our wardrobes and in the daily act of dressing. The interactive exhibit invites participants to engage intuitively on a material level in order to inspire and inform a wider discussion around the roles of designer and wearer in contemporary fashion culture in an effort to explore innovative and inclusive modes of ‘doing’ and ‘being’ fashion.



CC BY 4.0