RNase L residues involved in 2-5A binding are not crucial for L* binding to mouse RNase L.

<p>A-B. Co-immunoprecipitation of indicated 2-5A binding-defective mouse RNase L mutants with HA-tagged L*DA. A. Immunoblots show Flag (RNase L) and HA (L*) detection after immunoprecipitation of HA (upper panels) and in cell lysates (Input, lower panels). B. Graphs showing the quantification of coimmunoprecipitated RNase L mutants relative to coimmunoprecipitated WT mouse RNase L (n = 3). Differences were non-significant according to one-way ANOVA followed by Tukey's test for multiple comparisons. C-D. Analysis of RNase L-mediated RNA degradation in HeLa-M cells overexpressing indicated Flag-RNase L and HA-L*<sub>DA</sub>. RNA samples extracted 7 hours after polyI:C transfection were analyzed by RNA chips (C) and quantified (D). Graphs show the quantification of RNA degradation by RNase L mutants in the absence or in the presence of L*<sub>DA</sub>. Data are normalized to those of WT RNase L in the absence of L*.</p>