RLIPC elevates ST segment prior to induction of cardiac ischemia in rat model of arrhythmia.

<p><b><i>A)</i> Left</b>, typical ECGs from CON and RLIPC rats during baseline periods showing elevated ST segment in RLIPC-treated rats. <b>Right</b>, quantification of parameters from ECGs showing elevated ST segment in RLIPC rats post liver I/R stimulus (<i>n =</i> 9–10, each group). *<i>P<</i>0.05, **<i>P<</i>0.01, <i>vs</i>. RLIPC in the presence of liver I/R cycles. <b><i>B</i>)</b> Variables recorded during the experimental protocol investigating the effect of liver I/R stimulus on hemodynamics prior to coronary artery ligation. LVSP, left ventricular systolic pressure; LVEDP, left ventricular end-diastolic pressure; ±dP/dtmax, maximum rate of increase/decrease in left ventricular pressure. Data are the mean±SEM (<i>n = 6–7</i> in each group). *<i>P<</i>0.05 compared with values at Baseline 1. Baseline 1 indicates the first baseline value after 10 minutes stabilization; Baseline 2 indicates the second baseline value obtained 5 minutes prior to coronary ligation. Hearts in RLIPC group experienced four cycles of I/R stimulus, indicated as 1, 2, 3, 4.</p>