Retrieving data #engagerdm

2019-03-21T14:26:27Z (GMT) by julien colomb
Why Research Data Management 2/4.

The same way spinach acts on Popeye, research data management is transforming research from excellent to invincible.

Please, use and reuse, with or without modification !

(sound does not work on all browser, you can download it here and use the youtube version)

version history:
v-1: initial release for early feedback
v-2-1: modification of the video, used generic version 1, We added some voice-over and music. (probably not definitive)
v-3-2: modification of the text and caption added, remove ref to jena in the RDM helpdesk slide.
v-4: change title to retrieving data, get info and generic out.
v-5: cut out extra video that appeared during subtitle creation.
v-6: new subtitles
v-7: new credits, and subtitles modified, new title.