RCCPII eConversations: Virtual Platforms for Research and Collaboration

2018-03-28T13:27:18Z (GMT) by Anelda Van der Walt Erika Mias
<p>This presentation was delivered during a 90 minute online <a href="https://tenet-rccpii.github.io/rccpii-2018/econversations/">RCCPII eConversation</a> session where the speakers shared tips and tricks as well as best practices for using a variety of virtual platforms for online collaboration in academic institutions. The presentation is split into two parts: the first focuses on tools for general use and the second on those more applicable in a research setting.</p><p>These online sessions are part of the<a href="https://tenet-rccpii.github.io/rccpii-2018/econversations/"> Rural Campuses Connection Project II</a> (RCCPII) Capacity Development Initiative. The RCCP II eConveration Series will offer monthly online sessions in 2018/2019 covering topics relevant to researchers, support staff, and students at higher education institutions in South Africa. For more information about future sessions and other events please visit the <a>RCCPII </a>calendar.</p>