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Quizlet: Penggunaan Aplikasi Smartphone untuk Siswa dalam Mendukung Mobile Learning

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posted on 08.06.2018 by Eric Kunto Aribowo
In our ever-changing marketplace, today’s students are being educated, largely, for jobs thathaven’t yet been invented. Technology is being created and updated at a frenetic pace, andgrowing more pervasive and useful with each stride. As schools face dwindling resources andhigher stakes than ever, does mobile technology hold the key to improving the educationalsystem and reengaging students? Mobile technology offers a plethora of features and benefitsthat enable it to break the educational system wide open, engaging students in new ways andmaking educational experiences more meaningful, if schools can effectively utilize structured,integrated approaches for implementation of this new technology. The main goal of this paperis to suggest Quizlet that it can be used to transform the mobile learning solution in adeveloping country