Quantitative structure-activity relationship of anti-HIV integrase and reverse transcriptase inhibitors using norm indexes

<p>The development of new and safe anti-human immunodeficiency virus (anti-HIV) drugs has been an urgent task for medical research recently. Herein, based on the norm-index descriptors proposed in this work and previous works, a couple of models were developed for investigating the quantitative structure–activity/toxicity relationship (QSAR/QSTR) of dual-target anti-HIV integrase (IN) and reverse transcriptase (RT) inhibitors. The validation results proved that the developed models were stable and reliable, both in statistical quality and predictive capacity. Moreover, potential dual-target inhibitors with high activity and low toxicity were deduced from the developed models; molecular docking results indicated that these inhibitors could interact with some important residues of HIV IN and RT through H-bonding. Accordingly, the norm indexes descriptors proposed by this work might be helpful for the research and development of dual-target anti-HIV drugs.</p>