Quantitative comparison of the anterior-posterior patterning system in the embryos of five Drosophila species; Supplemental Material for Wunderlich et al. 2019.

There are virtual pointcloud files, containing the average gene expression patterns for key anterior-posterior patterning genes in the Drosophila embryo, for four species.

These are the first public version of these files for two species: D. simulans and D. virilis, and the second version for D. yakuba and D. pseudoobscura. The updates to the D. yakuba and D. pseudoobscura files include the addition of hunchback protein data and slight changes in the other expression data which reflect modifications of the atlas assembly code that improve robustness of the expression time-course estimator.

Data can be analyzed using the BDTNP PointCloudToolBox and visualized using the BDTNP PointCloudXplore program which are both freely available (link below). Questions can be directed to the Wunderlich lab (link below).

In addition, the Supplementary Tables and Figure associated with the article are also available.