Quality of water used by beach kiosks

<p></p><p>Abstract This study evaluated the sanitary conditions and the microbiological quality of the water used by beach kiosks. Data was collected through direct observation, using a checklist with such items as water source, disinfection treatment before use, frequency of water container sanitation, microbiological quality of water, existence of sanitary license and records of the last inspection by health authorities. Water samples were collected in labeled, sterilized containers from 10 beach kiosks. The plate technique in depth in standard agar was used for counting heterotrophic bacteria and the results were expressed in CFU/mL. The most-probable number test was used to evaluate coliforms (coliforms at 35°C and 45°C) and the results were expressed in NMP/100 mL. It was observed that 70% of the kiosks used only water from the public supply and one of the establishments operated without a sanitary license. Of the samples collected, 30% had a total bacterial count above 500 CFU/mL. No presence of coliforms and E. coli. was detected in the samples analyzed. While the results were satisfactory, the study reinforced the need to monitor water quality as a strategy to prevent risks to consumers.</p><p></p>