Quality of life, perception and knowledge of dentists on noise

<div><p>ABSTRACT Purpose: to analyze the perception and knowledge of dentists on occupational noise, its prevention, and effects on their health and quality of life. Methods: a cross-sectional study carried out with 54 dentists of both genders. Two questionnaires were applied: one addressing issues of perception and knowledge on noise and its effects, and another on Quality of Life (SF 36). Results: the workplace noise was considered within medium intensity, and a health risk. Some professionals (59.2%) reported knowing noise prevention methods, although they do not use them. Complaints and the most frequently reported symptoms were irritability, difficulty in understanding speech and tinnitus. The perception of the Quality of Life was worse among men. There was association between pain and perception of noise intensity. Conclusion: noise was considered, regardless of gender, harmful to health and associated with perception of musculoskeletal pain. Symptoms and complaints caused by noise have been reported to negatively impact the professional activity of dentists, however, most of them do not adopt preventive measures.</p></div>