Quality index for stereoscopic images by jointly evaluating cyclopean amplitude and cyclopean phase

With widespread applications of three-dimensional (3-D) technology, measuring quality of experience for 3-D multimedia content plays an increasingly important role. In this paper, we propose a full reference stereo image quality assessment (SIQA) framework which focuses on the innovation of binocular visual properties and applications of low-level features. On one hand, based on the fact that human visual system understands an image mainly according to its low-level features, local phase and local amplitude extracted from phase congruency measurement are employed as primary features. Considering the less prominent performance of amplitude in IQA, visual saliency is applied into the modification on amplitude. On the other hand, by fully considering binocular rivalry phenomena, we create the cyclopean amplitude map and cyclopean phase map. With this method, both image features and binocular visual properties are mutually combined with each other. Meanwhile, a novel binocular modulation function in spatial domain is also adopted into the overall quality prediction of amplitude and phase. Extensive experiments demonstrate that the proposed framework achieves higher consistency with subjective tests than relevant SIQA metrics.