QUBES: Building a community to promote undergraduate quantitative biology education

2017-01-05T20:42:19Z (GMT) by M. Drew LaMar
Quantitative skills have been recognized as core competencies for career success in biology, and many faculty are interested in teaching more quantitative biology in their courses. The QUBES project is designed to improve communication among educators, assist faculty in understanding and implementing novel content and teaching strategies in their unique classroom settings, and create an academic reward system that emphasizes teaching as well as research. To meet these goals, QUBES is building a diverse online community of educators interested in quantitative biology.

Team members: Sam Donovan, Carrie Diaz-Eaton, Arietta Fleming-Davies, Stith Gower, Alison N. Hale, Gabrila Hamerlinck, Kristin Jenkins, DorothyBelle Poli Bob Sheehy, Jeremy Wojdak