PyCon2016 Keynote

2016-05-31T19:05:47Z (GMT) by Lorena A. Barba
Keynote delivered at the opening of PyCon 2016, Portland, OR (May 30, 2016):

“Beyond “Learning to Program” — Education,  Open-Source Culture, and Structured Collaboration in Language”

My theme has to do with the open-source culture, and the impact it can have in education—beyond a narrative of simply “learning to code,” and also beyond the hijacked buzzword of “computational thinking” 

The argument goes somewhat like this: we have this open-source culture that emerges from a community; and this culture developed a language that allows us to coordinate with each other to create value together. 

How? Because “people act through language.” 
(Winograd & Flores, 1987)