Psychosocial Predictors of Students’ Use of Social Networking Sites: The Role of Culture, Self-Construals, Psychological Well-Being and Personality

2017-08-24T04:43:26Z (GMT) by Soon Lee
The thesis aimed to examine the significance of psychosocial factors (culture, self-construal, psychological well-being, and personality) in predicting SNS usages. Three quantitative studies were conducted. The first study identified cross-cultural differences in SNS usages between Malaysia, South Korea and China, and found the significance of the self-construal in predicting SNS usages. The second study revealed the significance of the severity of depression and OCD symptoms in predicting pathological use of SNS. The final study revealed that different personality traits (Openness to Experience; Dark Triad) predicted SNS usages differently. These results supported the significance of psychosocial factors in predicting SNS usages.