Psychology data on the effects of study schedules on category-member classification: Dataset

2015-12-11T14:33:50Z (GMT) by K. Andrew DeSoto Cecilia Votta

Subjects (N = 100) studied a series of 6 natural exemplars (birds) from each of 12 different categories (families). Birds were presented in one of 4 ways: (1) blocked by category; (2) intermixed; (3) first blocked, then intermixed; or (4) first intermixed, then blocked. Following study, subjects judged the likelihood that they would be able to classify new birds belonging to families that had been studied earlier. Last, subjects were asked to classify 6 new birds from each of 12 studied families. The data were collected in the laboratory and are stored using figshare in an Excel file alongside an annotation file. The data can inform future investigations of the way that individuals learn natural concepts and categories.