Proposal for a mix design method for coating mortar with artificial crushing sand

<p></p><p>Abstract The aim of this study was to propose and analyse an experimental mix design method for coating mortars using artificial crushing sand as fine aggregate. We sought to identify and standardize the mix design procedures so as to fulfil the working conditions for an external mortar coating under the specifications of ABNT NBR 13281:2005 (ABNT, 2005a). The proposed mix design method was assessed using the following tests: entrained air content, compressive strength, flexural strength tests and adherence, modulus of elasticity, water absorption, porosity, cracking, stereoscopic magnifier images and statistical analysis. We used Portland cement type II with blast furnace slag, hydrated lime type I, and artificial crushing sand gneiss. The conclusion of the study is that the proposed method is efficient and produces good quality coating mortars using artificial crushing sand, according to pre-established conditions. It is an easy and flexible way to obtain the appropriate levels of each component and the appropriate trait, representing a good alternative for the performance of this type of dosage.</p><p></p>