Proposal: Just-in-time Interactive Online Modules for Applied Engineering Computing

2013-12-06T23:12:44Z (GMT) by Lorena A. Barba Adam M. Wickenheiser
<p>This short proposal was submitted in November 2013 to the Grants for High-Impact Teaching and Learning Practices of The Office of Teaching & Learning, George Washington University.</p> <p>We propose to develop and pilot a series of interactive online modules that teach programming <strong>in context</strong>, using a <strong>high-level language</strong>, and are used by students in a <strong>just-in-time</strong> fashion. Once the modules are deployed, students would complete them over the course of their degree (especially the first two years), as the programming skills are needed in the discipline courses. During Spring 2014, we will specifically target one sophomore and one junior-level course in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE) to supplement with programming modules. The modules are intended to eventually <em>replace</em> the introduction to programming course and thus be<em> for-credit</em>. For example, one credit could be awarded on completion of, say, three modules. The motivation for this initiative is deep dissatisfaction of students with the current introduction to programming offering, as shown in the MAE Junior Survey 2013.</p>