Proper motion convergence of Gagné et al. 2014 candidates

<p>These figures contain a map of the position and proper motion of candidate members to nearby, young moving groups (red), compare to the bona fide members in the respective groups (green). Each star's proper motion vector is prolongated into a great circle on the celestial sphere, to show that they converge in two points (the apex and anti-apex, blue circles are 1-sigma and 3-sigma apex calculated from the XYZUVW models), which are often close to the Solar's apex and anti-apex (black cross and plus signs). Thanks to Adric Riedel for help in the construction of these figures, and see some similar figures that he made in the second related link.</p> <p>Please cite Gagné et al. 2014 if you use these figures.</p>




CC BY 4.0