Preparation and Applications of Nanoporous Titanium Dioxide Thin Films

2017-08-31T01:10:45Z (GMT) by YANRU BU
In this thesis, the synthesis of nanoporous titanium dioxide (TiO<sub>2</sub>) films with high photoactivity and hydrophilicity was investigated. And a series of experimental parameters (e.g., species, molecular weight and the additive amount of pore forming agent) were investigated to optimize the properties of the nanoporous TiO<sub>2</sub> films (e.g., transmittance, hydrophilicity, etc.). Moreover, the related applications of the nanoporous TiO<sub>2</sub> films have been exploited (e.g., self-cleaning glasses, compositing with gold nanostructures as recyclable surface enhanced Raman scattering substrates, and wettability controlled templates for smart electrodeposition).



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