Predictions of possible assembly of six Hyd8 proteins showing the six proteins, amino acids coloured depending on properties and a located/postulated structure.

<p>Beside the six proteins in different colours, amino acids coloured depending on properties: yellow—hydrophobic, dark yellow—amphipathic, orange—polar, red—negatively charged, brown—positively charged. (A) A ring structure with 7 nm in diameter similar to HGFI from <i>Grifola frondosa</i> [<a href="" target="_blank">17</a>], (B) a plus-like structure which results in a 15 nm diameter if four plus structures are combined and (C) packing arrangement to a sheet-like layer such as HFBII from <i>Trichoderma reesei</i> [<a href="" target="_blank">21</a>].</p>