Prediction of trivalent actinide amino(poly)carboxylate complex stability constants using linear free energy relationships with the lanthanide series

2017-11-27T15:20:58Z (GMT) by Nic E. Uhnak
<p>There is a gap in the literature regarding the complexation of amino(poly)carboxylate (APC) ligands with trivalent actinides. The chemistry of the trivalent actinides is considered to be nearly identical to that of the trivalent lanthanides, but the trivalent actinides express a slight enhancement when binding APC ligands. Presented in this report is a method of predicting the stability constants of the Pu(III), Am(III), Cm(III), Bk(III) and Cf(III) using linear free energy relationships of the actinides and the lanthanide series for 91 APCs. This method produced actinide stability constants within uncertainties to those in available literature values for most ligands.</p>