Predicted probabilities of aggression towards people in different contexts by sex (panel A) and age groups (panel B).

2017-08-30T17:47:25Z (GMT) by Conor Goold Ruth C. Newberry
<p>Black points and vertical lines show mean and 95% highest density intervals of model parameter estimates; blue triangles show raw sample data. Model estimates were obtained by marginalising over the random effects (see the <a href="" target="_blank">Supporting Information</a>). Abbreviations used in the figure: HND (<i>Handling</i>); KP (<i>In kennel towards people</i>); OKP (<i>Out of kennel towards people</i>); FPL (<i>Interactions with familiar people</i>); UPL (<i>Interactions with unfamiliar people</i>); EAT (<i>Eating food</i>); TOY (<i>Interactions with toys</i>).</p>