Preconditioning with CoCl<sub>2</sub> is more effective than intermittent clamping (IC).

<p>(A) Experimental design for the <i>in vivo</i> study comparing the ability of different preconditioning techniques to protect against IRI in rats. (B) Animal sickness scores in rats treated with saline (control) (●), 30 mg/kg CoCl<sub>2</sub> (■), IC (⬢) or IC + CoCl<sub>2</sub> (▲). (C) Serum creatinine concentrations (mean ± SEM (µmol/L)). The rise in serum creatinine was less in rats preconditioned with 30 mg/kg CoCl<sub>2</sub> than in the saline control group. (D) Serum urea concentrations (mean ± SEM (mmol/L)). *p<0.05 Vs saline treated control.</p>