Pre-validation Study of the Brazilian Version of the Disruptions in Surgery Index (DiSI) as a Safety Tool in Cardiothoracic Surgery

<div><p>Abstract Introduction: Most risk stratification scores used in surgery do not include external and non-technical factors as predictors of morbidity and mortality. Objective: The present study aimed to translate and adapt transculturally the Brazilian version of the Disruptions in Surgery Index (DiSI) questionnaire, which was developed to capture the self-perception of each member of the surgical team regarding the disruptions that may contribute to error and obstruction of safe surgical flow. Methods: A universalist approach was adopted to evaluate the conceptual equivalence of items and semantics, which included the following stages: (1) translation of the questionnaire into Portuguese; (2) back translation into English; (3) panel of experts to draft the preliminary version; and (4) pre-test for evaluation of verbal comprehension by the target population of 43 professionals working in cardiothoracic surgery. Results: The questionnaire was translated into Portuguese and its final version with 29 items obtained 89.6% approval from the panel of experts. The target population evaluated all items as easy to understand. The mean overall clarity and verbal comprehension observed in the pre-test reached 4.48 ± 0.16 out of the maximum value of 5 on the psychometric Likert scale. Conclusion: Based on the methodology used, the experts' analysis and the results of the pre-test, it is concluded that the essential stages of translation and cross-cultural adaptation of DiSI to the Portuguese language were satisfactorily fulfilled in this study.</p></div>