Power and lift; Wake visualisations from The power–speed relationship is U-shaped in two free-flying Hawkmoths (<i>Manduca</i> <i>sexta</i>)

Power and lift data for all wingbeats used in the analysis.; Wake visualisations of M2 flying at 1 and 3.8 ms<sup>-1</sup> and M1 flying at 2 and 2.8 ms<sup>-1</sup>. Arrows indicate flight direction. The figure shows iso-surfaces of constant Q-value (Q=150000 at 1 and 2 ms<sup>-1</sup>, 120000 at 2.8 ms<sup>-1</sup> and 100000 at 3.8 ms<sup>-1</sup>). The wakes are coloured by vorticity in <i>x</i>-direction.