Poster: The effects of temporal focus on students’ motivation to learn science

2018-06-17T15:01:02Z (GMT) by James Schwabacher
<div><b>Abstract:</b> Student attitudes, particularly the motivation to learn, play a significant role in student achievement in STEM courses. The effects of the temporal focus of a discussion question were, for the first time, studied using pre- and post-intervention surveys. While most measured changes of motivation were insignificant, there was a significant (p < .005) increase in self-efficacy for individuals responding to the future-focused discussion problem. This work encourages further investigation of temporal focus within the STEM classroom.</div><div><b>Poster presented:</b> June 13th, 2018</div><div><i>This Teaching-As-Research project was completed through the CIRTL Network</i><br> </div>