Post-glacial eruptive history of Chile

Dataset from K Fontijn, SM Lachowycz, H Rawson, DM Pyle, TA Mather, JA Naranjo, H Moreno-Roa, Late Quaternary tephrostratigraphy of southern Chile and Argentina, Quaternary Science Reviews 89, 70 - 84. [Open Access] doi: 10.1016/j.quascirev.2014.02.007

Post-glacial eruptive history of SVZ and AVZ volcanoes, as known from the historical and geological record. Calendar age is given in years before 1950 AD (historical eruptions or varve-dated), ka (Ar-Ar or stratigraphically constrained), or ka cal BP for14C ages. Uncalibrated 14C ages are given where available, and were calibrated in OxCal4.2 (Bronk Ramsey, 2009) using the SHCal13 calibration curve (Hogg et al., 2013). The most important eruptions are highlighted in blue; the large (V > 1 km3) eruptions for which dispersal data are available are highlighted in red. These eruptions are thought to have left significant regional marker horizons which should be readily identifiable in sediment sections. Numbered references can be found in Supplementary Information.