Post-recovery behavioral patterns of prolarvae after anesthetic treatment with 200 mg/L MS-222, compared with those of non-anesthetized control prolarvae.

2018-12-31T19:01:43Z (GMT) by Eun Jeong Kim Yoon Kwon Nam

A) Swimming behaviors under daylight conditions. B) Phototactic response to a spotlight under dark conditions. No statistical difference was observed between MS-222-anesthetized and non-anesthetized prolarvae in all tests conducted. Triplicate examinations were made (N = 120 per replicate tank). Data in detail for each replicate tank under daylight and dark conditions are provided in S7 and S8 Figs, respectively. Data on comparison of post-recovery phototactic behavior after anesthetic treatment with MS-222 or lidocaine are provided in S9 Fig.