Positioning of the Cebes in the implementation process of the SUS in the 2003-2014 context

<p></p><p>ABSTRACT The paper analyzed the positioning of the Brazilian Center for Health Studies (Cebes), as a collective subject, in view of the governmental decisions regarding the Unified Health System (SUS) in the 2003-2014 context, based on 11 documents and 40 editorials of the journal ‘Saúde em Debate’. The entity recognizes the advances of the SUS, but is positioned critically regarding the financing and management of the system, pointing to the lack of resources and the tendency to incorporate management modalities that stimulate the privatization of public management. It also highlights the narrowing of the bases of political support of the Brazilian Health Reform, due to the relative demobilization and the fragility of the articulation of social movements.</p><p></p>