Pod Save Higher Ed: A Resource Guide To Inspire Storytelling & Podcast Making in Higher Education

2018-10-19T04:56:29Z (GMT) by Laura A. Pasquini

Digital storytelling has the potential to cultivate agile learning and kick start creativity in our pedagogical practices. With a growing population tuning into podcasts, this storytelling platform is on the rise today. Due to the access of mobile devices and growth of smart speakers, listeners are able to tune into podcasts whenever and wherever they want. More listeners are engaging with audio due to the portability and availability to stream or download. This digital medium allows podcast hosts to reach an audience of listeners on campus and beyond to engage deeply about a particular topic, idea, trend, or issue. Podcasting offers an on-demand format with a variety of program lengths, styles, and approaches.

The time for higher ed professionals, practitioners, graduate students, researchers, and instructors to gain a share of the podcast ear NOW! Future college and university hosts and producers, it's time to raise your mic and let your tale be told! Launch the podcast you have always dreamed of creating now! I hope to listen to your pod story soon, @LauraPasquini Go on... record your own podcast. #PodSaveHigherEd Resource: http://bit.ly/podsavehighered