Plant-Pollinator Network Data

2013-01-31T08:40:54Z (GMT) by Ignasi bartomeus

Datasets describe the frequency of visits observed for each pollinator-plant interaction. More info in Bartomeus et al 2008 Oecologia 155 : 761-770. The study involved pollinator surveys in 3 sites per study species. Pairs of invaded and uninvaded plots were samples in all sites. Sites were sampled every 2 weeks during the entire flowering period of both C. affine acinaciformis and O. stricta. Each plant species was sampled during 6 minutes. Each species was sampled for a total of 36 minutes per site. In total, each site was surveyed by pollinators for more than 6 hours. Plant traits are described in Bartomeus 2013 PLoSOne (see link below)




CC BY 4.0