Phytochemical study of <i>Bituminaria basaltica</i> aerial parts, an Italian endemism

<p>The first phytochemical investigation of the aerial parts of <i>Bituminaria basaltica</i>, an endemic species from the Aeolian Islands, led to the isolation and identification of eight compounds including plicatin B (<b>3</b>), two furanocoumarins: angelicin (<b>1</b>), psoralen (<b>2</b>), three pterocarpans: erybraedin C (<b>4</b>), 3,9-dihydroxy-4-isoprenyl-pterocarpan (<b>5</b>), bitucarpin A (<b>8</b>) and two flavonoid glycosides: isoorientin (<b>6</b>), daidzin (<b>7</b>). Their structures were elucidated by spectroscospic techniques and compared with data reported in the literature. Sesquiterpenes characterised the essential oil composition of the title plant where β-caryophyllene and germacrene D were the main constituents.</p>