Phytochemical profile and biological activities of <i>Deverra tortuosa</i> (Desf.)DC.: a desert aromatic shrub widespread in Northern Region of Saudi Arabia

<p>The present study describes the chemical composition of the essential oil of different plant parts of <i>Devrra tortuosa</i>; <i>in vivo</i> and <i>in vitro</i> biological activities of plant extract and essential oils. Apiol was found to be the major component of the oil (between 65.73% and 74.41%). The best antioxidant activities were observed for the oil of flowers (IC50 = 175 μg/ml). The samples of stems and roots exhibit lower antioxidant activity (IC50 = 201 μg/ml and 182 μg/ml, respectively). The values of IC50 showed that the extracts of methanol exhibit the highest antioxidants activities (IC50 = 64.8 102 μg/ml). EOs showed excellent antifungal activity against yeasts with low azole susceptibilities (i.e. <i>Malassezia</i> spp. and <i>Candida krusei</i>). The MIC values of oils varied between 2.85 mg/mL and 27 mg/mL. The obtained results also showed that the plant extracts inhibited the germination and the shoot and root growth of <i>Triticum æstivum</i> seedlings.</p>