Physiological performance of wheat seeds treated with micronutrients and protection products during storage

<div><p>Abstract: Seeds with high quality are one of the important factors to consider in the crops establishment on field. Therefore, the physical and physiological quality of wheat seeds treated with mixes of micronutrients including zinc and protective products were aimed. The wheat seeds were analyzed in a factorial scheme 5x3x4, with five storage time: 0, 60, 120, 180 and 240 days; three micronutrients: micronutrients 1 (1% Mn; 0.1% Mo; 10% Zn); micronutrients 2 (0.3% B; 0.3% Co; 3% Zn) and no micronutrients, and four protective products: untreated seeds, polymer (Colorseed He), fungicide carboxin + thiram (Vitavax® Thiram 200 SC) + insecticide thiamethoxam (Cruiser® 350 FS) and polymer + fungicide + insecticide. After treatment, the seeds were stored under uncontrolled conditions for 240 days and at intervals of 60 days, the germination, accelerated aging and moisture content were determined. Wheat seeds untreated and treated with polymer have the best physiological performance during storage, regardless micronutrients treatments. The wheat seeds treated with carboxin + thiram + thiamethoxam and polymer + carboxin + thiram + thiamethoxam can be storage up to 120 days, under uncontrolled conditions, regardless micronutrients treatments. The seed treatment does not alter the moisture content of wheat seeds.</p></div>