Physiological and sanitary quality of soybean seeds harvested at different periods and submitted to storage1

<div><p>ABSTRACT Delayed harvesting may affect the physiological quality of soybean seeds, due to adverse conditions in the field. This study aimed to evaluate the physiological and sanitary quality of soybean seeds (BRS 820 RR® cultivar) harvested at eight periods (0; 5; 10; 15; 20; 25; 30; and 35 days after the R8 phenological stage - full maturity) and stored for two periods (0 and 8 months). The following evaluations were carried out: moisture content, germination and emergence rate, emergence speed index, total plant dry mass, accelerated aging, electrical conductivity, mechanical damage, vigor and viability (tetrazolium) and sanitary quality of the seeds. The delayed harvesting of soybean seeds from 10 days after R8 impairs seed vigor and germination, in addition to increase the incidence of pathogens. Regardless of the harvesting period, the soybean seeds stored for eight months showed a reduction in their physiological quality, with an increase in the incidence of Phomopsis spp.</p></div>