Physicochemical characteristics of the <i>Lasiococca comberi</i> Haines seeds

<p>Physicochemical characteristics and fatty acid composition of <i>Lasiococca comberi</i> Haines (Euphorbiaceae), an endangered forest tree species, were determined for the first time. The oil, protein, crude fibre and carbohydrate contents in seeds were 41.5, 13.8, 22.2 and 11.6%, respectively. The refractive index, pH, specific gravity, saponification value, iodine value, peroxide value and <i>p</i>-anisidine value of seed oil were 1.4781, 6.4, 0.9, 178.4 mg KOH/g, 196 g I<sub>2</sub>/100 g of oil, 5.1 mEq O<sub>2</sub>/kg and 188.4, respectively. The predominant fatty acids were linolenic acid (65.3%), oleic acid (13.8%), linoleic acid (7.1%) and palmitic acid (5.3%). HPLC analysis revealed the presence of <i>α</i>-tocopherol (13.2 mg/100 g) and <i>γ</i>-tocopherol (6.3 mg/100 g) as the major tocopherols. The results indicated that <i>L. comberi</i> seed oil can be classified as drying oil having possible applications in different industries and as an important dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids.</p>