Physicochemical Compatibility of Agrochemical Mixtures in Spray Tanks for Paddy Field Rice Crops

ABSTRACT: The use of pesticide mixtures constitutes a relatively common practice in rice crops. Thus, the aim of this work was to evaluate the physicochemical interaction among different pesticide tank mixes for use in paddy field rice. The study has followed technical standards specified in ABNT [Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (Brazilian National Standards Organization)] NBR [Norma Brasileira Regulamentadora (Brazilian Regulatory Standard)] NBR 13875:2014 for the assessment of physicochemical compatibility by means of a dynamic technique. Treatments consisted of mixtures of 12 pesticides, which constituted 16 treatments, six of which are composed by mixing herbicides, six by mixing herbicide and insecticide, one by mixing fungicides, and three by mixing fungicide and insecticide. Tank mixtures among herbicides Clincher® + Ricer®, Clincher® + Kifix®, Clincher® + Imazethapyr Plus Nortox®, Clincher® + Ricer® + Kifix®, Clincher® + Ricer® + Sirius® 250 CS, Imazethapyr Plus Nortox® + Basagran® 600, between herbicides and insecticides Clincher® + Ricer® + Arrivo® 200 EC, Clincher® + Kifix® + Arrivo® 200 EC, Clincher® + Imazethapyr Plus Nortox® + Arrivo® 200 EC, Clincher® + Ricer® + Kifix® + Arrivo® 200 EC, Clincher® + Ricer® + Sirius® 250 CS + Arrivo® 200 EC, Imazethapyr Plus Nortox® + Basagran® 600 + Arrivo® 200 EC, among fungicides Alterne® + Bim® 750 BR + Priori® 250 CS, and between fungicides and insecticides Bim® 750 BR + Actara® 250 WG, Alterne® + Bim® 750 BR + Priori® 250 CS + Actara® 250 WG, and Alterne® + Bim® 750 BR + Priori® 250 CS + Talisman® did not present any physicochemical change in the spray mix and are therefore compatible to be used in mixtures in the spray tank in plant treatments in rice crops.