Photonics4All Bookmark Chip (Russian)

2018-05-26T17:52:03Z (GMT) by Dr. Adam, Aurèle

The purpose of the bookmarks for the project Photonics4All is to increase the public awareness of photonics and especially of the technological advances of photonics which have changed and improved everyday life (basic technology introduction).

How light makes computers and phones smaller and faster?

Did you know that we use light to fabricate the electronic chips in computers and mobile phones? Recent developments in photolithography where light is used to control where conductive metal is placed on the chips - have enabled us to put more transistors than there are people on earth!  Transistors are responsible for controlling the path of electricity/information through a chip.  These technological developments have led to improving the speed, size and energy consumption of our chips, making them smaller and more efficient.





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