Photo-responsive azo MOF exhibiting high selectivity for CO<sub>2</sub> and xylene isomers

<p>A combination of azo and acylamide ligands is used in the preparation of metal–organic frameworks. Light response research reveals that under UV–vis irradiation, the CO<sub>2</sub> adsorption of <b>1</b> declines as much as 21.4%. <b>1</b> exhibits excellent CO<sub>2</sub> adsorption selectivity over CH<sub>4</sub>, O<sub>2</sub>, CO, and N<sub>2</sub> gasses with IAST selectivity of 21–580 at 293 K. This MOF also has promising potential in separation of xylene isomers in the liquid phase with the adsorption of p-xylene of 265.15, o-xylene of 101.25 and m-xylene of 0 mg g<sup>−1</sup>, respectively.</p>