Phosphorus fractions and related properties in soils under Pinus sylvestris L. plantations in Spain

This database presents information about the P fractions in soils determined following the method developed by Hedley et al. (1982) and modified by Tiessen and Moir (1993) and other soil chemical properties of soils under Pinus sylvestris L. plantations in Spain.

Abbreviations of variables names and units are described below:

pH: soil pH; EOC: easily oxidizable C (%); EA: exchangeable acidity (cmol(+)·kg-1); Ca: exchangeable Ca (cmol(+)·kg-1); Sat: base saturation of the exchangeable complex (%); AlA, FeA: amorphous Al and Fe (mg kg-1); AlE: exchangeable Al (cmol(+)·kg-1); AlM, FeM: organically bound Al and Fe (mg kg-1); SI: forest site index (m); Cmic: microbial biomass C (mg kg-1); Pmic: microbial biomass P (mg kg-1); Cmin: mineralizable C (mg·kg-1·week-1) ; AcPhos: acid phosphatase activity (µg·g-1·h-1); PAEM: available P (mg kg-1); PiNaHCO3, PoNaHCO3: inorganic and organic highly labile P (mg kg-1); PoNaOH; PiNaOH: inorganic and organic moderately labile P (mg kg-1); PHCl1M: primary P (mg kg-1); PHClconc: stable P (mg kg-1); PHClO4: residual P (mg kg-1); PTotal: addition of all previous P fractions analysed (mg kg-1).