Phosphorus fractions and related properties in soils under Pinus sylvestris L. plantations in Spain

<p>This database presents information about the P fractions in soils determined following the method developed by Hedley et al. (1982) and modified by Tiessen and Moir (1993) and other soil chemical properties of soils under <em>Pinus sylvestris </em>L. plantations in Spain.</p> <p>Abbreviations of variables names and units are described below:</p> <p>pH: soil pH; EOC: easily oxidizable C (%); EA: exchangeable acidity (cmol<sub>(+)</sub>·kg<sup>-1</sup>); Ca: exchangeable Ca (cmol<sub>(+)</sub>·kg<sup>-1</sup>); Sat: base saturation of the exchangeable complex (%); Al<sub>A</sub>, Fe<sub>A</sub>: amorphous Al and Fe (mg kg<sup>-1</sup>); Al<sub>E</sub>: exchangeable Al (cmol<sub>(+)</sub>·kg<sup>-1</sup>); Al<sub>M</sub>, Fe<sub>M</sub>: organically bound Al and Fe (mg kg<sup>-1</sup>); SI: forest site index (m); Cmic: microbial biomass C (mg kg<sup>-1</sup>); Pmic: microbial biomass P (mg kg<sup>-1</sup>); Cmin: mineralizable C (mg·kg<sup>-1</sup>·week<sup>-1</sup>) ; AcPhos: acid phosphatase activity (µg·g<sup>-1</sup>·h<sup>-1</sup>); PAEM: available P (mg kg<sup>-1</sup>); PiNaHCO3, PoNaHCO3: inorganic and organic highly labile P (mg kg<sup>-1</sup>); PoNaOH; PiNaOH: inorganic and organic moderately labile P (mg kg<sup>-1</sup>); PHCl1M: primary P (mg kg<sup>-1</sup>); PHClconc: stable P (mg kg<sup>-1</sup>); PHClO4: residual P (mg kg<sup>-1</sup>); PTotal: addition of all previous P fractions analysed (mg kg<sup>-1</sup>).</p>